Beauty: Who Is Defining It?

This ad was highlighted in the WSJ (may require subscription) as one of the best of 2007. I really like this ad. Like the content and the greater message that is delivers. As you will see, we marketers have gone overboard to lie and cheat to create the fiction that is beauty. If you’ve got […]

Video Cruncher

Excited to start throwing video at this bad boy!

Screen Sharing is Cool

I found that I can login to my Mac Pro and drive video product from my laptop — all while I lie comfortably in bed. I’m not sure if this is a Leopard feature or something that I’ve probably never tried.

Digital Christmas Card from Panerai

It’s been about 6 years now that I’ve been a Panerai owner. Today Panerai sent me a digital holiday message through email. I loved that it wasn’t encoded with hard-core HTML and digital tracking codes back to the mothership to see the precise second I opened the message. It was simple — a respectable sized […]

Feed the World … Flashback

Thanks to John Furrier for this Flashback: We read all the time about the €œcharity that is provided by celebrities. After seeing this video, I wanted to know the economic / financial value of Band Aid’s efforts. It’s actually a reasonable amount of money that was funded by the efforts of a few that has […]

Seth Godin Says Blendtec Does it Right

€œ”There’s something really, really big happening, and it’€™s going to be messy,” Godin said. When it comes Marketing, Seth Godin is today’s Guru. So when Godin tells marketing execs at the 2007 Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago that they are wasting money on search marketing, people take notice. The amount of money flowing into […]

Marc Orchant — You’ll be missed

Marc, Thanks for the brief conversations you shared with me. Thanks for your insight and direction. Thanks for being open and willing to help. I’ll miss you. The world will miss you.

Sure Sign I’ve Been in Utah TOO Long

So there I was reading Ad Age’s latest Search Marketing Fact Pack minding my own business. And a logo jumped off the page. Stop reading. Look at the logo. What do you see? [did you stop reading and look at the logo?] I saw The Orem … as in that city next to Provo. Sorry […]

Why We Need Alternative Fuel Sources

Because OPEC and everyone in the supply chain are excited to see the price of oil go above a $100 a barrel and prices at the pump go up, up, up. We need an alternative. __________________________________ MARKET ALERT from The Wall Street Journal. Dec. 5, 2007 Oil prices leapt about $2 in London trading after […]

Chainsaw Screams Highway to Hell

Amy and I attended the Billy Joel concert with a couple of friends in Salt Lake City on November 29th, 2007. Joel introduced roadie “Chainsaw” how was there to sing a special religious number as a guest appearance. At this point, the classic crunchy guitar sounds of Angus Young combined with Brian Johnon-like screams filled […]

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