Two out of 20 for 2006 / Ajax offline in 2007

I bought 2 of them: 1) Parallels — number three on the top 20, 2) RIM BlackBerry Pearl — number 17. The prediction for 2007 looks cool…. And if you’re not at “your” computer, you can still access and use the application and data.

Podcasting #1 Improvement to Learning

Podcasting was recognized as the top technology to improve learning (see page 84, Table 6.4). This study is based on quantitative data from nearly 29,000 freshman and senior students at 96 higher education institutions. The focus is on the kind of technologies students are using, with the skill levels, how technology contributes to the undergraduate experience, and the value in terms of learning.

Q3 Produces Flat PC Shipments in U.S.

IDC said that PC shipments in the U.S. were flat in the third quarter, following more than 5 percent growth rate for the first half of 2006 and a 10 percent rate for the years spanning 2003 to 2005.Not surprising given Intel’s warnings to the street…. Given the strong gains Apple made during the back-to-school season, I’m looking forward to seeing the final result.

YOU-ser Generated Content

I think back on how my use of computers has changed. My computer used to open with a flashing cursor. I had to insert disks to load programs just to “begin” to create something — mostly word processed documents or spreadsheets. Now I turn on my computer to connect to the web. To read or experience what others are creating. If the web isn’t there, my computer is less valuable to me.

Cisco get the iPhone before Apple

And reading the news today about Cisco launching their own iPhone (apparently, they’ve owned the trademark since 1996 — smart move by someone at Cisco or one of their many acquisitions), but this one doesn’t require a carrier. The Cisco iPhone will on WiFi. Oh how I can’t wait ’til we have an option for picking devices based on an open network protocol like WiFi.

Moving from HouseofBaldwin to

For those of you who subscribe to my blog, please note that I am switching my blog from to (wanted to get my SEO up). HouseofBaldwin will be converted to a Family site effective Dec 15. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Corresponding for Reuters, this is Brad Baldwin

Starting tomorrow, users will be able to upload photos and videos to a section of Yahoo called You Witness News (…. Editors at both Reuters and Yahoo will review the submissions and select some to place on pages with relevant news articles, just as professional photographs and video clips are woven into their news sites today…..CNN, which is owned by Time Warner and introduced its I-Reports section for user-submitted material on its site in August (, accepts text, images and video.