Twitter ramblings for 2009-07-29

KSL commercial telling people to spend money is just silly. #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-07-24

Groovy Picture in story. 8-track Walkman makes the 70's portable, more funky #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-07-20

Anyone know if a Google Voice user can share invites? I have had Google Voice since it was Grand Central. # Reread The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack for my 3rd time. Twitter makes Social engineering easy. I'm tightening up! # I left BlackBerry w/o Mac support. RT @boygeniusreport: BlackBerry Desktop Manager: Coming soon […]

Twitter ramblings for 2009-07-18

Tired of the clanking sound in motor. Added 91 Octane this fill up. #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-07-17

Human Highway was disappointing–studio matches their style better. The Black Keys more than picked up the slack! Great sound and show. # The fat sound of a Gibson 300 series played by the Black Keys. It was worth the wait. # There is a woman with a groovy belt fanny pack thingy. Replacement for pockets […]

Twitter ramblings for 2009-07-16

Who's going to Gallivan tonight? # You know you might be following a redneck if the pickup has a scrotum under its hitch. Hehehe. # Great times. Try it! RT @skisolitude: There are a few seats at the Yurt 7/17 & 7/24. 4-course adventure dining in the woods. 800-748-4754 #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-07-15

Can a MSFT Store be different than BestBuy? Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to open retail stores near Apple's this fall. # Win7 a hit?Pre-sales of Windows 7 in the first 8 HOURS outstripped Vista's entire 17 WEEK pre-order period. # Where's iPhone–left out. RT @decriptor: RT @google Google Voice dialer for Android and […]

Jed Taking Over as Family Tennis Czar

I love seeing my boys (and girls) find the sports and activities that make them excited. Jed has fallen for tennis, my old favorite sport. I still love tennis and can still hit te ball from the baseline and volley. However, the serve is gone as my rotator cuff was messed up after throwing a […]

Calvin Klein, YUCK

Why? Will anyone really buy these?

Twitter ramblings for 2009-07-14

I'm bummed that I missed Bon Iver. I really am enjoying his music. Did Skinny Love. Any other favs you have? # Move's been quiet. Maybe new CEO will make some noise. RT @techrockies: Move Networks Names New CEO #

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