Quoted in Blackboard’s Blog

Melissa Chotiner, Public Relations Manager, at Blackboard has posted an article on Tablet PCs to the Blackboard Educate Innovate Blog (www.educateinnovate.com). I offered a few comments on Tablets. Tracy Hooten, one of three students who created the site StudentTabletPC (www.studenttabletpc.com), was also quoted.

Top 10 lies of engineers from Guy Kawasaki

The blogosphere is buzzing today with hundreds of reactions to Guy Kawasaki’s post on the top lies of engineers. It’s funny that there is such a gulf between the business and engineering side of software development — and this gulf tends to get larger after each unsuccessful product release. I respect developers and their patience. […]

Parallels issues Beta 5 for their OS X VM software

Parallels issued their 5th beta for their VM software. In addition to a number of enhancements and bug fixes, I updated to take advantage of two killer additions. Shared folders — this will allow me to create folder on my Mac that can be accessed by Windows XP running on the Parallels VM. USB support […]

Facebook generating $1M per week

TechCruch reported on Facebook’s addition of “work” networks to join high school and college social networking. A rumored $1M per week in revenue has to come from their ad support. “Facebook, which is rumored to be generating about $1m per week in revenue, is now allowing new users from corporate networks to join their social […]

Cool accessory connects iPod to your TV

I was checking out the new Time magazine and saw a blurb on the Home Dock Delux from Digital Lifestyle Outfitters. This little gadget docks and charges your iPod and connects to your TV. Nothing super revolutionary about that. But the cool part is the Home Dock Delux also provides iPod navigation on your TV […]

Reading into the future of Tech

For the economist, futurist, visionaries out there seeking all truth and knowledge in where technology is heading, I think Tim O’Reilly is on to something big. O’Reilly is tracking book sales on tech topics and leveraging this data to see the shifts in market interest. Brilliant. Kinda like dah. The coolest part is that this […]

Running Windows on my Mac — Thanks Parallels!

Is work “work” when it’s fun? Three words: Parallels is amazing. Tonight I configured Parallels so I can launch and run Windows on my Mac. Have I said “amazing” yet? It was super cool to watch the install process in a “window” on my Mac. And then when I heard the famous Windows first-launch start […]

Facebook takes $25MM … not up for sale

According to Silcon Beat, Facebook isn’t looking for suitors, but instead took $25MM in cash from Greylock Partners, Meritech, Accel Partners, and Peter Thiel, a former chief exec from PayPal. The article reports that David Sze from Greylock said, “is a ‘winner-circle’ company.” Ya…like you wouldn’t say that after dumping cash into Facebook. I’d agree […]

Parallels to the rescue

I’m one step closer to living entirely off my MacBook. I’d read about Parallels before and became more interested when BootCamp appeared on the scene. Scott Lemon has an inside contact at Apple who said the Parallels was the real deal and was awesome. So with this recommendation, I’ve moved forward. Downloaded the beta 4. […]

$70+ for a barrel of dinosaur bones

I love the line in Soundgarden’s song Rusty Cage: I’m burning diesel, I burning dinosaur bones. I think about it more each time I fill my gas tank. With crude moving past $70 a barrel, will the likes of ExxonMobile and BP ever let the price go lower? I shouldn’t finger (in more way than […]

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