Twitter Error : gateway timeout – HTTP 503 response

Anyone else tired of this Twitter Error? Is this a Twitter API issue or a Twitterific issue? Regardless, I’m just wishing that the insanity with uptime would stop. “There was a “gateway timeout – HTTP 503 response” error while communicating with Twitter. This is a problem with their server, so contact Twitter at if […]

Foremski Suggests that CMOs Need Social Footprints

Tom Foremski is a smart guy with keen insight into the happenings of Silicon Valley. I interacted with him on a few occasions through and at the Bloghaus at CES. Foremski’s post today is targeted at marketing professionals. The Question: “Think about two equally educated candidates with similar experience but one candidate doesn’t have […]

I’m Getting Old

My sister Jodi sent me this card for my birthday this year. Funny. I used to get the cards telling me to have a “sexy” or “manly” birthday. Now I guess I’ve reached the age for diaper cards. Thanks Jodi. Thanks to all who said hello on by snail mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, txt, and […]

Design is so Underrated in Tech

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s an Apple iMac vs. typical Dell desktop computer. I had some friends over the other day. He was amazed at the lack of cabling at my iMac in the family room. I actually “added” a network cable because I wanted full-speed, 100 Mbps data transfers inside […]