2006 golf club obsession

Not sure what is happening this year. Perhaps it’s because I’ve gone so long without purchasing golf clubs. But 2006 is a banner year for club aquistion so far. Clubs I’ve added and taken out of my bag this year: Callaway X-Tour irons — more forgiveness w/ forged irons. In for a brief 3 months… […]

11 days until I visit Ray’s Pizza and Flo’s

Can’t hardly wait. I’ll be back in Scottsdale soon. I can visit my friends, favorite golf courses (We Ko Pa), and most importantly, get good Chinese food at Flo’s Asian Kitchen. I can almost taste the spicy cinnamon shrimp now. And of course, since I’m a lover of pizza, I can get a slice of […]

Dallen breaks 100 for the first time…

Dallen birdied #8 — stuck shot to just 4 feet from the pin (image at UtahFairways.com) Dallen and I played golf on Saturday morning at Old Mill Golf Course. We played with my younger brother Scott; my Dad/Grandpa Baldwin; Brian and Carter Babcock; Scott’s father-in-law and brother-in-law (also a Brad). Dallen shot a 51 on […]

Scott quoted in the Desert News

Deseret Morning News, Saturday, May 27, 2006 Neumont honors first graduates By Erin Stewart Deseret Morning News Neumont University sent its first graduating class into the workforce Friday, marking the third anniversary of the school’s founding. The university tweaked the traditional four-year degree into a more hands-on 30 -month curriculum just for students earning bachelor’s […]

Neumont University Graduation

I attended Neumont University Graduation. My brother just completed his Computer Science degree at Neumont. Neumont provides a focused education experience with mentoring and peer reviews and real-world, project-based learning. Scott graduated as Valedictorian. I have attached his speech below as an MP3 audio track.

Latest listenings for me

It’s official. After a long evaluation, Beck in now on my Favorite List. Cold Brains from Beck’s Mutations disc/album/playlist has joined U2’s Pride (In The Name of Love) and Bullet the Blue Sky; Radiohead’s entire OK Computer; Smashing Pumpkin’s Cherub Rock; and AC/DC’s “Back in Black” as all-time favs. It’s a huge inconvenience to listen […]

Associated Press connects to bloggers

Now that makes perfect sense for the people feeling the greatest pressure from bloggers: paid journalists.

Funny. Looks like Apple’s telling others that they paid for “portable” computures, not laptops

I see that Engadget has posted a second story on the heat generated by the MacBook Pro. I’d love to think my thread sparked something there. But it’s probably more likely that they’ve heard it from many of us.

MacBook Pro update redefines need for a heat shield

I’m very, very frustrated at the latest update for the MacBook Pro. After running the install, I’ve noticed hanging applications — will not close out and require a force quit. It’s also back to heat capable of melting heat shields on the space shuttle. It’s too uncomfortable on my hands as I type. Turn the […]

WSJ covers Apple’s retail store strategy

I was hooked the first time I stopped into an Apple store. And it appears the rest of the tech shopper market that prefers to have a human interaction with sales associates that speak the “human” languages do too. Unlike CompUSA or other retail technology stores, where the sales people are gear heads who like […]

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