MacBook Pro update redefines need for a heat shield

I’m very, very frustrated at the latest update for the MacBook Pro. After running the install, I’ve noticed hanging applications — will not close out and require a force quit. It’s also back to heat capable of melting heat shields on the space shuttle. It’s too uncomfortable on my hands as I type. Turn the machine over, and it’s capable of frying eggs in whatever fashion you desire — scrambled, over easy, hard, etc.

Two months ago after first buying my Mac, I was so insulted by AppleCare trying to tell me on my first call that the MacBook is a “portable” computer, not a laptop. As the manager said, “it’s the most powerful computer you can buy, so it’s gonna be hotter than other machines you’ve used.” I was advised to use it at a desk with good circulation under the machine. I ran a previous update and things were better for heat management.

Now that I’ve installed the Update,
Guess I’ll have to deal with a support rep and ridiculous excuses. I even added to an Engadget post with my comments.


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