Mother Nature…enough already

I read that Alta Ski Resort has crossed the 800” of snow mark for the season. It’s April. Isn’t it past time for Winter Storm Warnings?

Golf 2023 is officially open

Yesterday I received a text from the National Weather service with a winter advisory warning. Woke up to 40 degrees, no snow, and local weather forecast of no rain or snow until 6PM. I called River Oaks golf course and learned they were open for play. I jumped in the car and made my way […]

Three Years of My Life

Today Control4 announced Smart Home OS 3. It’s a major update, and as some of the press have said, the most significant release ever from Control4. Over the past three years, the User Experience (UX) team at Control4 worked to enhance the customer interfaces and overall experience. And it was a significant amount of work […]

Loreto Mexico

We joined the Teerlink’s for a weekend jaunt to Baja Mexico to watch whales. We stayed at a hotel, Sante Fe, that was on the Sea of Cortez.

How my mom washes the carrots from her garden.

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Working on my smiles again. SLC is pea soup. On Melancholy Hill playing as I drive into the unhealthy to breath gloom.

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Received a great “brand experience” for a gift today. More later, but Veracity Solutions impressed me! Thanks guys.

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Personal Goal Realized: App I work on featured by Apple.

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Stanley Idaho is Beautiful

Spent the weekend in Stanley Idaho in Jerry’s Cabins on the bank of the Salmon River. The scenery was amazing–breathtaking actually. Pictures don’t do the place justice. The sky was a bit hazy due to dust from road construction so my pictures in the valley were not a clear as what my eyes could see. […]

Seed varieties sold shrinking

80 years ago, people could buy all kinds of seeds. Now they can only buy a few. (see image from July 2011 National Geographic). This certainly signals that the shrinking number of people who are interested in agriculture, and probably more importantly, have any experience with growing anything. Posted via email from Brad Baldwin’s Posterous

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