Michael Arrington: “Nokia and Symbian are Irrelevant”

I’m glad to know that others agree with my point on other mobile device and OSes. I’ve owned all the brands of smart phones, Nokia included. For me, the AppStore and ability to attract developers make Apple the game changer. From Forbes Magazine: Eventually the iPhone bigots will get to you, as they did to […]

Apple’s Swamped: Picture’s worth a 1,000 words

My One-on-One membership is quickly coming to a close. It’s time to try to get in some training on DVD production in Final Cut Studio. Went to the Concierge to book a session at the Apple Store at The Gateway in Salt Lake City. This is what I see when I try to register. 🙁 […]

Bono, Supposedly, Leaks New Tracks — Ya, Right

So The Sun and torrentfreak.com are reporting that a few new tracks from U2’s forthcoming and likely titled ” No Line On The Horizon” release have been “leaked” to the Internet. Supposedly, an “innocent passer by” recognized Bono’s voice and then recorded (not sure with what), uploaded, and published the tracks to the Internet. I […]

“The phone of the future will be differentiated by software.”

As I wrote a month ago, the Apple AppStore for iPhone was a game changer. Remember, this is the report for the FIRST 30 DAYS since the iPhone 3G launched. Below are a couple of quotes and the news from Mr. Jobs as reported in The Wall Street Journal. In the month since Apple opened […]