WSJ reports NEGATIVE growth at Facebook and MySpace

And as I’ve predicted, it just doesn’t seem like this younger audience wants to be part of this scene once it’s determined the sites are “the thing.””Both MySpace and Facebook lost visitors in September, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, a Web-tracking service. The number of unique U.S. visitors at MySpace fell 4% to 47.2 million from 49.2 million in August, and the number of visitors to Facebook fell 12% to 7.8 million from 8.9 million.”Meanwhile, there’s the internal vs. external number debate:”Facebook spokeswoman Melanie Deitch says the Palo Alto, Calif., company’s own numbers show that the number of registered Facebook users rose 9% to 11 million in September, while the number of individual page views rose 40% to 16.5 billion.”Facebook’s adding adults and other audiences was a mistake–well maybe not the high school students.

Presidential misSpeak

From my George Bush quote of the day calendar:”Lukas is from the Czech Republic…. BushMay 19, 2004Referring to Lukas Dora of the University of Denver Men’s Hockey Team, winners of the NCAA national title.

Campus Reader Aggregates College Newspapers

Campus Reader which pulls news feeds from all the college newspapers and presents the stories in a rich Ajax interface.

Republicans wake up. Bush has puppeteered you long enough!

18, 2006Public support for Republicans’ control of Congress has eroded to its lowest point since the party took over 12 years ago, a new WSJ/NBC News poll finds, as scandals have taken a toll. With just 19 days until the midterm elections, both President Bush and his party are in worse shape with voters than Democrats were in the October before they lost their House and Senate majorities in 1994.

Best Quarter in Apple history – 56 percent increase in laptop shipments

“Looking forward, 2007 is likely to be one of the most exciting new product years in Apple’s history.”Apple is basking in the sales of products that appeal to people who want technology that crosses productivity, entertainment, and creative bounds…. It was interesting to see the following report in today’s Wall Street Journal:Shipments of iPods climbed to 8.7 million, up 35% from 6.5 million a year ago. The company said it shipped 1.6 million Macintosh computers, up 30% from a year earlier, in the pivotal back-to-school season.

Q1 for the “Smart” iPhone

Jesse Tortora, research analyst at Prudential Equities, has reported that Apple will release two phones into the market. 1) a slim phone with a music playback2) a smart phone, including integrated keyboard, video and music capabilityAnalysts expect the phone to be officially announced at Apple’s MacWorld Conference in January of 2007.

Beck’s latest release, The Information. Two thumbs up from me.

I picked up the new Beck disc…. Check out the samples on the Beck website.

Treo 680 finally goes antenna-free

Been waiting for an antenna-free forever. The new Treo 680 looks good. As for colors, I’m a target for anything black or silver. It’s about time for an update to the sync with Exchange — why has it been so long for over-the-air sync of the core four (contacts, calendar, tasks, notes). It has reasonable […]

Robert Scoble wonders if Facebook is worth as much as YouTube

Yesterday Rober Scoble questioned and debated the worth of Facebook. Lots of good comments on his post. While I don’t doubt social media’s value, I wonder if Facebook will be a flash in the pan. They have moved away from their core audience to gather more eyes. I question if the fickle 17-24 year old […]

Thanks for the Deficit GW … I’m sure my kids will love it

Wall Street Journal reports today that the U.S. trade deficit widened to a record $69.86 billion in August, inflated by high oil prices and American demand for imports…. Exports rebounded from July’s fall, rising 2.3% on strong sales of aircraft, foods and consumer goods.Sorry that the democratic president Bill Clinton’s efforts have been washed away in fewer than eight (8) short years!George W.

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