iPhone comments

In the end, I think those people who have used smartphones will find the iPhone too limiting and with little vision for improvement without waiting for a a significant update from Apple…. If you live on the road and love the freedom your BlackBerry provides, I think the iPhone may feel too restrictive…. And for the record, I think the BlackBerry has a lot of holes too (HTML email, “real” IMAP updating, sync w/ Mac, etc.).

Challenges with Podcasts

NPR, WSJ, and even ESPN are offering content that listeners can access on their own timeline.Advertising is a natural for these traditional media companies. They fund their businesses through ads.Unfortunately, I’m of the opinion (as is John Furrier at PodTech.net) that interruption marketing just doesn’t work. Even as I tried to access the NYTimes URL to share in this post, I had to wait 20 seconds to watch an advertisement — or perhaps I should say, I had to ignore the in-your-face advertisement to get the URL.

Lego-Playing, Free-Dry Cleaning, Spoiled Google Employees

Fake Steve Jobs takes a stand on Google employees today.Funny thing is that there are many companies in the tech world with this same problem…. At some point, all these people who live off someone else’s money will realize that wealth and security come with revenue generating businesses.As for Google, wow do they generate revenue…. But They also have a cash cow that is pumping out the milk!They’re going to look like a bunch of spoiled coddled self-involved Lego-playing 20-somethings who have free massages and dry cleaning and groovy ethnic food and have been turned loose with no adult supervision to do whatever the [fbomb] they want, and who all are suffering from acute Attention Deficit Disorder so that they never finish anything because they get bored and move on to the next stupid idea that some bozo has dreamed up on a white board.

Relocating Water in the West

People who have water today through existing springs and underground aquifers certainly are justified in their fear of loss of the water they rely on. Those who live in the city are reliant upon their governments to provide for them.I couple of items I feel strongly about: Northern Utah uses too much water on landscaping…. As the second driest state (behind Nevada), we need to be more like those in Las Vegas who have adopted a “desert” lifestyle and decor. We’re not in the Eastern US or in England anymore.Just because a high-growth location is filled with opportunity, it doesn’t mean that the growing location should get higher priority or is more justified in getting the water.Las Vegas is more than gambling and “sin city” lifestyle.

Message From the 2007 Open Championship Web Site

As they say, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Couple of my Cell Phone Snapshots on Schmap

Snapped a couple of shots of the Carlton Oaks golf course in San Diego area…. Now they are on Scmap, some shopping / map application. Images were used with my permission.

IE7 vs. FF2

Amazingly, in Europe Firefox is picking up market share in huge strides…. Stats according to iTWire:Only about one third of IE users have adopted IE7 compared to 85% of FF users who have adopted the latest version of the browser, FF2. Significantly, FF2 has a greater market share than IE7 in 17 European territories, while IE7 is ahead of FF2 in 16 territories.Been a Firefox (or Mozilla’s Camino browser) user for the past 18 months myself.

To iPhone or NOT to iPhone, that is the question

I think I like browsers that “resize” content to match the device.Browser is slow…. No automatic Bluetooth sync with my Mac (I’ve limped along to make my phones sync with my Mac — why can’t Apple make the experience awesome for Mac users)…. But being an Apple Fan Boy, I’m having a hard time NOT buying an iPhone.

Wireless Evolving: New Spectrum and VoIP

First, USA Today reported on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin Martin’s interest in changes the control wireless carriers have over devices, bandwidth use, and wireless applications…. Instead of using a traditional “GSM” device to make calls over the GSM network, a device with built in WiFi offers alternative ways to connect…. “Our users are no longer just using Skype on their computer desktops,” said Eric Lagier, Skype’s head of business development for mobile.

iPhone is in the House

She’s bemoaning that she’s the only one that hasn’t had a chance to play with it. I did let her go through the activation process. But between Dallen and me, we’ve tried out every function on the phone.

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