Relocating Water in the West

I just watched the program, “Desert Wars: Water and the West” on Salt Lake’s KUED public television station. Very interesting program.

The value of water is undeniable. Unfortunately, it’s hard to put borders on underground aquifers. Sharing water around the west is a serious issue. People relocating to Las Vegas, Phoenix, and even smaller towns like St. George Utah or Mesquite Nevada make these western cities among the fastest growing cities in the USA. This growth is putting strains on resource needs, particularly water.

As I watched the program, I saw both sides of the issue. People who have water today through existing springs and underground aquifers certainly are justified in their fear of loss of the water they rely on. Those who live in the city are reliant upon their governments to provide for them.

I couple of items I feel strongly about:

The full transcript of the show is available here.


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