American Express is Placing Ads on my Billing Page

I was not expecting to see this. An interruption marketing piece. An advertisement on a private web page behind a secure login where I go to review and “pay” my American Express bill (see screenshot below)?    Wow. Does anyone else find this a bit weird? Apparently the marketing executives at American Express have missed […]

Steve Mobs Keynote as a Ringtone for Your iPhone (myPhone)

In case you missed The Simpsons and the fantastic mocumentary of Mapple (a.k.a., Apple, NASDAQ:APPL) and Steve Mobs (a.k.a., Steve Jobs), Hulu now offers the entire episode or small clips. If you’re an iPhone (myPhone) user looking for a the Steve Mobs in-store keynote converted into a ringtone, look no further. Just click on and […]