Booked my travel for The Medialist Touranment

I’m in. Going back to Scottsdale. Matt “twisted” my arm to come down and play. But when he offered to let me shack up, I was in. Three days. Three courses. Eagle Mountain, SunRidge Canyon, and my favorite, We-Ko-Pa. September 8, 9, 10th.

Slow golf sucks

If there’s one thing a golfer hates it’s waiting for hackers who are playing slow golf. They look for balls, try to hit miracle shots–cause they saw it on TV once, take 10 practice swings before each shot, etc., etc. Even the Wall Street Journal wrote about it today, offering reader suggestions for improving pace […]

Car dealers…oh boy

I had to take the family rig in to find out why the engine started screaming when turning on the AC — didn’t want the wife and kids stranded without AC. While I was working away at a table in the lounge area, I couldn’t help but hear the conversation to my back. It was […]

My latest gadget — Nokia E61

Couldn’t help it. I had to. My current phone is so OLD…it’s been with me now for about 20 months. Plus I had the $%&# Treo reboot just one too many times during a call last week. I was way past due to upgrade. I’ve been watching the E61 since it was announced last fall. […]

Another Parallels moment

Been pounding on the upcoming Blackboard Backpack 2.5 release, but I’m doing it on my Mac. I love Parallels. Pop open that VM and I’ve got a fresh clean environment for testing my Windows XP software client! I’ve really got the best of all worlds.

Greatest Hits of Beattie Construction

I was at our Beattie Family Reunion recently. I had a great time seeing my Uncles and Aunts. It was also fun to talk to the cousins that are my Mom’s age that I was able to meet and associate with. After the reunion, I came home and dug up an audio track that I […]

Tim O’Reilly’s Four Big Ideas about Open Source

But as an employee in a software company where VC funding and time to market are almost always required, it’s been hard to see how to truly participate in the new open-source business model.

Best Sales, Marketing, Business movies

The Blog at, a company focused on software for product and marketing management, offered a question: What are the best movies for sales, marketing, business, office culture, advertising, etc. Here’s my list: Favorite Hi-Tech Cubical Culture: Office Space — why do we in hi-tech identify so well with this movie? Is it the crazy […]

Back to Backpack…

I’m back at work. Working on releasing the update to Blackboard Backpack. The new product is Backpack 2.5. This version is so much better that the previous version. We’ve simplified the UI, enhanced peformance as much as 100x, added Blackboard course download wizards, included a Flash overview, enhanced with attractive HTML pages, improved searching, and […]