Will the Halo Effect Bring Apple Support Nightmares?

The halo effect is kicking in. Maybe a bit bigger than some would have ever imagined. Apple’s computers are gaining popularity and are being sold a record levels. I’d expect the numbers to really go crazy with this year’s back to college shopping. But I have a big fear, and the fear is this: Apple […]

Today’s a Game Changing Day for the Mobile Market!

This is a huge day. Apple has done what Palm, RIM, Microsoft, Motorola, SonyEricson,and Nokia have not: they have delivered a compelling mobile platform that matches sexy hardware with a functional operating system PLUS attracted developers PLUS created a true shopping / marketplace experience for users like me who want to use and buy mobile […]

World-wide Productivity Slips but Gains Things on iPhone

I remember last year, June 29th. Productivity came to a standstill. People were in lines to get iPhones. I figured we’d have a repeat tomorrow on July 11th. But I was off by a day. This morning, on my drive into Salt Lake City, I heard from @windley on Twitter that the iPhone 2.0 firmware […]

Grandpa’s been gone for four years

My brother Scott Baldwin captured this video on a trip to my Grandfather Baldwin’s home a couple of years before his death. While I love to hear these stories and view my Grandpa and Grandma, I still remember a much more vibrant, young, and energetic version of the same man and woman. My grandma gave […]

Winners: UTC Golf Event

I had a lot of fun in this year’s UTC Golf Tournament at Talon’s Cove. I enjoyed getting to know three new guys that I had not met before the event. It was a team effort all the way around. Lee who put up with me as a cart partner and took off pressure when […]