Twitter ramblings for 2010-01-30

Dear AT&T winers, Verizon may let you make calls, but using their 3G data on my Droid is "Edge-like" in it's speed. I pick iPhone & speed. # Sean Hannity just said Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven is dumb. Another reason not to like him. # LOL… Obama trying to blame Global Warming on USA? […]

Twitter ramblings for 2010-01-29

Scheduled for a CWP class on Saturday. #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-01-27

I predict Steve Jobs' announcement tomorrow will result in entirely new fashion styles to support "pocketing" a tablet. 😉 # Having built "table" applications in the past, I'm anxious to see what Apple does to change adoption for a TabletPC. # Apple AppStore approval process must get simplified. Google Voice now working via browser, cloud, […]

Twitter ramblings for 2010-01-26

well 24 just went down the road to boretown. # Apple lawyers reviewing for SEC must cave to Jobs. Earnings PR has gratuitous product pumping. Major, stong, exciting. # Finally sending in v100 survey. Submit 20 people? The final vote will be a nightmare unless they've upgraded their survey tool. # Who's buying an […]

Jed’s turn with the 50 cal

Great time with Jed today at Get Some. We picked up a box of 45 auto ammo and rented a little 3″ barrel 1911. Between the 45 and the new Springfield XDm we put a lot of lead through the target. Jed’s highlight of the day was the 50 cal Barrett. Fun times.

Twitter ramblings for 2010-01-23

BYU takes game two 34-32. # #3 Stanford vs #5 BYU men's volleyball. The Cardinal knows how to play. #

BYU takes game two 34-32.

Hard to imagine the ruckus and noise of a BYU Men’s Volleyball game. Posted via email from Brad Baldwin’s Posterous

Twitter ramblings for 2010-01-22

Watching how pickles are made on History channel. # Retweeting @seocom: A Third of Adults Now Post to Sites Like Facebook, Twitter Once a Week @WSJ # I might have to take up exercise or something new to fill my Conan void at 10:35-11:30 PM time slot. #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-01-21

Do you think iPhone 4 will be available on Verizon mid-2010? ( My guess = .35 probability. # AGREE! (and power supplies) RT @humancell: Cellular and broadband gear ought to be built with pluggable radios … Proprietary == fail # If Apple's tablet requires Verizon service, ( that's a blow to the customers who bought […]

Twitter ramblings for 2010-01-20

humm. Jay Leno team so dumb fake searching Bing images, browser is Safari. # I love the mix I get from Pandora when playing my The White Stripes mix. Lots of heavy, bluesy, guitars. My current favorite listening. # Me too RT @pramsey: When I see a coin that is over 40 years old, I […]

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