Twitter ramblings for 2009-11-30

If you have as your host, your 404 page might be a porn refer page. Mine was. Slimey business if you ask me. # Comcast is upgrading my web connection speed tonight. Yippe. # Max Hall what were you thinking? "Do you really want me to go into it" should have caused you […]

Twitter ramblings for 2009-11-29

Elvis is keeping watch over the kids in the basement # My shoulder was injurred doing something yesterday. Old man. #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-11-27

anyone going to Zero 7 Dec 9th at TheDepot in SLC? # Boise State needs to play someone really good. This Nevada game is a yawner. # Listening to Today by The Smashing Pumpkins brings back a lot of memories. New baby. New job. New house. Lots of energy. #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-11-25

Watching SNL Best of SNL Chris Farley with Jed. Well la-de-freakin da. # I will vote for Lee. RT @windley: I just joined the "Draft Mike Lee to run against Bennett in 2010" group: #

Mac users are …

I love reading these research reports that classify and organize Mac vs. PC users. Of course there is a lot of bogus stuff collected and reported as gospel. But then again, you can always collect information that presents “facts” in a particular light. This new report, highlighted on–as you might expect–, caught my eye “Analysing […]

Twitter ramblings for 2009-11-24

My wife just called wondering who took her mouse. We think the 5 year old is the guilty party–or an older sibling making it look like it. #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-11-20

Trillian for iPhone lots of usability issues. Worst is the "more" in the same spot as SMS "send" button. Fail. #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-11-18

In-n-out is open in Draper. Saw cars in drive-thru. # Unlike the Verizon mis-fit add, AT&T has no humor, no catchiness, no real info. Defensive. Didn't work for me. YouTube: # I want a Pandora Radio Receiver in my cars — with iTunes tagging. # Palin in 2012…LOL…more likely to see the world flooded and […]

Twitter ramblings for 2009-11-16

Just saw the Verizon misfit toys ad. Very funny. Great job distancing the carrier, not the phone. Pressure Apple for more choice. # Things that you can't clean up and I hate: 1) Easter grass, 2) glitter, 3) beach sand. # Windows Mobile lost 28% market share between Q32008 and Q32009, according to analysis from […]

Twitter ramblings for 2009-11-15

weekends without golf suck. # NASA's 2012 debunk page: #

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