Mac users are …

I love reading these research reports that classify and organize Mac vs. PC users. Of course there is a lot of bogus stuff collected and reported as gospel. But then again, you can always collect information that presents “facts” in a particular light.

This new report, highlighted on–as you might expect–, caught my eye

“Analysing aggregated data from 76,000 PC and Mac users asked about aesthetic preferences, media choices, and personality traits, the survey declares that Mac users want to be perceived as unique, prefer bold colors and retro designs, enjoy indie films, and consider themselves risktakers. Those PC users, on the other hand, are more likely to see the world as “different enough already” and appreciate “being in tune with those around them.”  This is reflected in their more subtle, “mainstream modern” (neither retro nor extremely contemporary) design choices and their practical choices in clothing, footwear, and cars that favor getting the job done rather than making an overt design statement.”

So do you want to go with the flow? Like being unnoticed in the crowd? Like all things practical? Reminds me of a commercial I saw in 1984.


One Response to “Mac users are …”

  1. Amy Baldwin on December 1st, 2009 3:38 pm

    I guess that I am a mix between the two. I have traits of a Mac user, but not all– and I have traits of a PC user, but not all. Sigh.