Twitter ramblings for 2010-03-30

Apple day. Updating to new OS 10.6.3. Received notice iPad was shipped. # Just knuckle bumped Mike Weir and added the comment "Rock The Masters" #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-03-22

A mom and kids just picked Dad up at BART station. 3 kids so excited to see their dad. Great scene! #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-03-18

In the age of the Internet, filling out the 2010 Census form feels like an expensive waste of taxpayer dollars. #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-03-17

Like Radiohead's challenge to labels. RT @ryan: Dear everyone calling the Nexus One a flop: you're probably wrong. # Chrome works w/ 71 diff blogg/SEO extensions. RT @ashbuckles 71 Chrome Extensions for Blogging & SEO: # $3,330,990 per minute in office. RT @theobamadebt: National Debt: Increased by $2,009,785,907,227 since the Inauguration! # my […]

Twitter ramblings for 2010-03-16

MSFT move to Phone 7 may be good for their future, but it's frustrating for those building apps now. "Tomorrow" promise typical MSFT. # NPR building new web site for iPad. BAD. Not every Flash-enabled site will / can do this. Apple just SUPPORT FLASH! # RT @kittygutz: OH: "I expected #SXSW to be […]

Twitter ramblings for 2010-03-15

WSJ: Forbidden Fruit: Microsoft Workers Hide Their iPhones #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-03-13

Looks like we'll get Blu-ray at Redbox by midyear. # iPad ordered. #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-03-12

Crap. Realized I never voted for the final vSpring v100. Opps. I was so looking forward to seeing how many people were on the list. 🙁 #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-03-11

smart man! RT @joshcarr6: First thing I did on my new windows 7 install? Search in ie for "google chrome" # Used my Mac all afternoon on a project…oh how I miss thee. # Disney offers "season pass" for $700 for California and Florida parks # Stats on CPU utilization running Flash 10 & […]

Twitter ramblings for 2010-03-07

I really like Already Young by The Whigs. Makes me want to buy a Les Paul and strum fat metal sound. #

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