It would appear that the pollsters must have made it clear that the American people want change. This little video highlights just how committed the 2008 Presidential Candidates are to change […sigh]. Of course I expect the change McCain would initiate is more troops in the Middle East and more military spending. Hillary…big shake ups […]

Amazing Musician — Ukelele Picker Jake Shimabukuro

Tonight I was in my nightly ritual watching Conan O’Brien (you can watch Feb 19th show here). The guest musician was Jake Shimabukuro, a Japanese-America from Hawaii. Shimabukuro played one of my favorite George Harrison / White Album songs, While My Guitar Gently Weeps on his ukelele–yep, you are reading it correct. Conan was blow […]

Mac Owners are Snobs…so says Mindset Media

Well, I’m guilty to a few claims published in report from Mindset Media. TheStreet created a video based on the report. Some of the activities / attitudes associated with Mac users are listed below. Not sure that I’m all, but certainly some are spot on. Watch and see if you agree. to be perfectionists [well, […]

73% Watch Video Online

Nielson Online research showed “73% of active Web users watched online video in December.” Other findings: Women twice as likely to watch network television programming online (example: watch ABC over YouTube) Men 18-34 are twice as likely to watch user-generated content Watchers of one network online tend to be loyal to that network (hum, I […]

Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg on Funding and Futures

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at I was able to meet Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Automattic and the person behind, WordPress, the same software you are using right now on House of Matt is a great guy. He has a lot going for him. And at […]

Matt Mullenweg Visits Utah

Joseph Scott arranges a visit by Matt Mullenweg of Automattic, makers of WordPress. Mullenweg comes down from Park City and joins a bunch of the Utah Geeks at a spicy Indian restaurant. Seen in this quick pan shot video (sorry to miss some of you I don’t know): Thom Allen Tyler Whitaker Jeff Norris Matt […]