Very random thought on creativity: Teletubbies

Their home — it looks like something left behind by defense contractor and then made even worse by astro-turfing the place…. Perhaps a management offsite could pull some great ideas out of people after a 15 minute segment of Tinky Winky, Po, Dipsy and Laa-Laa.

Is emulation on Linux “saving” the Palm OS?

As you can tell from my heading, I don’t have a lot of faith that Linux will save the Palm OS. Actually, I think the end result will be an entirely new OS that will preserve the legacy of applications…

Walt Mossberg covers Nokia E62…missing WiFi?

I see that Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal just covered the Nokia E62…. “Nokia is being coy about the timing, pricing and wireless carrier for the E62.

MacBook is back…already!

Wow. The repair is done and my MacBook Pro is back! New fan parts, new battery. Hopefully with less heat this time! Amazing service! Dropped off for service to DHL:  8/22 5:45PM Returned from servicy by DHL: 8/24 10:08 AM

Great communication on my MacBook Pro repair

From: Apple To: brad Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 8:22:41 AM Subject: Apple Mail-In Service Request ########## Dear Brad, Your MACBOOK PRO has reached our repair center. We will notify you by email when the repair is complete. Date received: 2006-08-23 Repair ID: ##########

Separation anxiety

My space heater MacBook is in a box and on its way to Houston for a much needed cooling system. Guess it’s back to this Windows machine for a while. It will be days before I can get my mind to CTRL+C/X/V/etc. instead of Command+C. Hurry home old friend!

The Dash Movie

I recently learned that a 45 year old friend passed away from a massive heart attack…. Take a minute and put life in perspective as you watch this.

Palm going to the dark side…

And as for the Palm OS….well it looks like it’s on hold and maybe even completely off.”Separately, another rumour is now that Palm has no plans at present to release ‘Unlocked’ GSM versions of either its Treo 700p or Treo 750p…” – Treonauts.comMakes me even more happy that I bit the bullet and got the Nokia E61 — although I’m seriously questioning if the E70 would be better for me because I don’t think I can live without a camera in my phone.

Football season…summer is over

I must be one of only a handful of men who find the return of football season as a downer…. That the snow will put a hold on golf.

World Trade Center movie

What causes these men and women to have the bravery and willingness to sacrifice so much for other people?… And finally, the hundreds and later thousands of volunteers who put their skills and training to use find survivors.

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