Pfizer cutting sales by 20 percent (OUCH)

Now for the first time, I’m seeing that some of my pharma sales rep friends (from Pfizer, Merck, AstraZeneca, TAP) are about to enter my world — layoffs, job cuts, downsizing, pick slips. In an attempt to get more time with a doctor, I know my buddies have described how their role has changed to include the selling of multiple drugs so that the doc can get updated on the odd chance that one of the reps get into the back office.

Abby Vacuums Up Honeycomb

Large box of Honeycomb = $3.79. Watching Abby clean up her mess = Priceless

More iPhone smack

Rumors are turning into buzz. It’s now the marketing machine starting it’s engines to create mass anticipation and frenzy.

PodCamp West 2006 Wrap-Up

It was cool to hang with the early west-coast podcasting experts at Podcamp West in San Francisco. It was fun to connect with Doug Kaye, the original IT Conversations podcaster, one of the first podcast subscriptions. I made some good contacts with whom I can share best practices.

45 Minutes with Robert Scoble — Advice for News Publishers

Robert Scoble, one of the most recognized voices on social media, shares his opinions on how traditional newspapers, like the Mercury News, and news outlets, CNN and BBC, must change to absorb the new “on-the-street” journalist. These new field correspondents can leverage their own blog, Flickr, YouTube, or yet-to-be-invented social media solutions to provide real-time […]

Itty Bitty iPod Shuffle — so cool

I needed a spare MacBook Pro battery for my trip to PodCamp West this week, so I visited the Apple Store in The Gateway…. The postage-stamp-sized MP3 player.It’s still in the case.

Being part of something bigger than money

I realized today why I don’t understand the Open Source community as well as I should. I love money. It pays for my house. It gets me food when I’m hungry and want to drive through Wendy’s. It even helps straighten my kid’s teeth. However, money doesn’t motivate this younger generation of coders in the same way it did/does me.

Interviews from the Utah Technology Council’s Hall of Fame Award Ceremony

I mingled and mixed in with the techie crowd at the Utah Technology Council’s (UTC) 2006 Hall of Fame Awards event for Rocky Mountain Voices. Of course we had our mics rolling. Hear the interviews with Eric Smith (Control4), Bruce Law (Sprout Marketing), Roland Whatcott (Symantec), Senator Orin Hatch (US Senator from Utah), Coleman Barney and Willy Donahue (Cogito), Paul Ahlstrom (vSpring Capital), James Divver and Thomas Lund (Zions Bank), Mike Levinthal (Independent Venture Capitalist), Congressman Chris Cannon (Congressman), Senator Bob Bennett (Senator), John Valentine (President of the Utah Senate), Richard Nelson (President, Utah Technology Council), Clay Olsen (Timeline Films), Ken Knapton (ContentWatch)

Moto back to the future with Good Technology Acquisition

While at SalesLogix, I worked closely with Starfish when they were acquired by Moto and became the sync solution for PIM data. Then the hard time for Moto came and they spun off everything that was not core and making money, including Starfish — which was picked off by Intellisync.

Do you dislike the “Mac” guy in Apple’s ads?

While I’m not fully convinced that the ads connect better for the Windows computer (John Hodgman) than the Mac (Long), calling the Mac a “smug little twit” certainly feels a little over the top…. Does catering to user needs with a start-to-finish software and hardware solution make him smug?

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