Moto back to the future with Good Technology Acquisition

It was only a few years ago that Motorola had acquired a vertical solution all wireless needs — from hardware to software. While at SalesLogix, I worked closely with Starfish when they were acquired by Moto and became the sync solution for PIM data. Then the hard time for Moto came and they spun off everything that was not core and making money, including Starfish — which was picked off by Intellisync.

Now Moto is back on the rampage to stack up the whole product solution with their acquisition of Good Technology.

Good is cool. I like what they have. I thought they did a great thing by focusing on the software solution and leveraging the Treo. I think they’ve taken a cool approach to their enterprise management of mobile data and devices with remote provisioning. Even better is the solution that syncs all relevant Exchange data over-the-air.

It’s interesting that Nokia would acquire Intellisync and not snatch up Good too. Sure they overlap. But Good is the modern — Intellisync was the old.


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