Michael Arrington: “Nokia and Symbian are Irrelevant”

I’m glad to know that others agree with my point on other mobile device and OSes. I’ve owned all the brands of smart phones, Nokia included. For me, the AppStore and ability to attract developers make Apple the game changer. From Forbes Magazine: Eventually the iPhone bigots will get to you, as they did to […]

Today’s a Game Changing Day for the Mobile Market!

This is a huge day. Apple has done what Palm, RIM, Microsoft, Motorola, SonyEricson,and Nokia have not: they have delivered a compelling mobile platform that matches sexy hardware with a functional operating system PLUS attracted developers PLUS created a true shopping / marketplace experience for users like me who want to use and buy mobile […]

Storage to Match Small Form-Factor Mobile Devices

Seeing Samsung‘s next-generation 256 GB SSD makes my mind contemplate the mobile devices just over the horizon. A 1.8 inch solid state drives with the capacity that was in servers not all that long ago. But the performance is perhaps more impressive: sequential data reads at 200MB per second, and writes at 160MB per second. […]

Cool Gadget

Now this is one cool gadget and another stick in my eye for not listening to my Mother who begged me to stick with piano lessons as a boy. Here’s one more reason for young boys and girls to stick with their lessons. The Yamaha notepad / keyboard hybrid concept: “Key for Journey.” This is […]

Four (4) Million iPhones Already

I’m still amazed at all the iPhones that have been sold. At the BlogHaus, the iPhone was the rule — and my BlackBerry was the exception. Someday I’m sure I’ll pack one. But not without copy and paste, 3G, and Bluetooth sync. Ars Technica offers some great insight, including this market share quote from Gartner […]

BlogHaus 2.0

Second year at the BlogHaus at CES. Scobleizer just came in and is streaming on Qik from his Nokia phone. He caught me talking with Rob Bushway from GottaBeMobile.com, a good guy that I met a few years ago when I was working at Agilix. I’m in this upload at about 30 seconds in.

Digital Christmas Card from Panerai

It’s been about 6 years now that I’ve been a Panerai owner. Today Panerai sent me a digital holiday message through email. I loved that it wasn’t encoded with hard-core HTML and digital tracking codes back to the mothership to see the precise second I opened the message. It was simple — a respectable sized […]

Sometimes, Blogs Reminds Me Why

I had to re-read my blog post on the iPhone. I had to remember why I took the phone back. Now I remember. I’ll wait. Although, it was nice to see that when I was playing with my wife’s iPhone last weekend, I noticed that the end a sentence and double space will insert a […]

Contacts: A Timeline of Networking

Published in the Wall Street Journal. Contacts: A Timeline of Networking 1878New Haven District Telephone Co. publishes the first telephone directory. The one-page directory lists the names of the 50 businesses and residences that are accessible by telephone. 1906The first Yellow Pages is published, in Detroit, according to AT&T archives. 1921An Englishman begins to manufacture […]

David Progue Slams Windows Mobile 6

After reading the article in The New York Times, “Reaching for Apple, Falling Short,” David Pogue highlights a few frustrations with the wireless and mobile device market. First, carriers have us over the barrel on what functionality the device will support (e.g., I’d try a BlackBerry Curve but ATT has removed WiFi support). Additionally, carriers […]

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