Twitter ramblings for 2012-06-29

Crap. Tycho was in SLC last night…and I didn't go! # Samsung killing it. # We all saw this one coming…Just like RIM did to Palm, Apple and Android does to RIM. #

Twitter ramblings for 2012-06-27

I believe Samsung's prob meeting demand for their phones stems from people abandoning hope of Android 4 upgrade. # Some days I can understand better than others why people drink to escape reality. Today is one of those days. #

Twitter ramblings for 2012-06-22

Absolutely loving the fat sounding guitars in @smashingpumpkin's new release: #OCEANIA Rockin' good stuff. #

Twitter ramblings for 2012-06-20

Sad. Got the Meebo shutdown message. What consolidated IM client do you use on iPhone and Android? #

Twitter ramblings for 2012-06-13

Fire is above Pleasant Grove near the G. # I see a Fire on mountain above Lindon. #

Twitter ramblings for 2012-06-09

The "major award". Almost as sexy as the leg lamp. #

Twitter ramblings for 2012-06-08

I really think Nest t-stat should show the current temp as the "big" number and the set-point on the ring. It's counter intuitive to me. #