Off to BbWorld’06 — Blackboard user conference in San Diego

I will be traveling this week at the Blackboard annual user conference. I’m sure there will be lots to learn. WebCT and Blackboard merger received approval from the SEC, so I’m sure that there will be lots of discussion around that. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear a few more news bites that […]

My professional life :: Marketing at Agilix Labs, Inc.

Currently I work with a company in Orem Utah called Agilix Labs. We are a software development company. We offer a solution for colleges students that allows them to download their course and lecture notes from systems like Blackboard (NASDAQ:BBBB), organize and track all their assignments and due dates, and take searchable notes using their […]

Pictures for your enjoyment on Flickr account

The Boys of Winter 2006 Originally uploaded by bdb2005. If you’re interested to see all the pictures that I took during our golf adventure, feel free to browse on my Flickr account. Click on the image or the “uploaded by” name and you’ll go to my account where all the pictures are stored.

Stymie Money Boys

Money boys Originally uploaded by bdb2005. Great time today playing a putting game called Stymie, introduced to us by Russ. It’s all about placing and controling your putts to avoid the pitfalls of too many putts or hitting another player’s ball (+2 strokes). I had a small mishap with two other rules of the game […]

Green Springs Golf Course. Washington, Utah.

My scorecard from today’s golf. Not the best, but not too bad. Except for a train wreck on the par 3 5th, I kept the ball in play. Second day with my Callaway X-Tour irons. Hit them about 80%. Still moving off the club head a bit off to the right–probably an issue squaring up […]

Entrada, 10th tee looking to the South

Entrada, 10th tee looking to the South Originally uploaded by bdb2005. Desert golf requires you to pick your target, committ to it, and execute the shot. As seen from the 10th tee at Entrada, a desert carry over open wasteland is part of the game. To some, this can be intimidating. To others, thrilling. Personally, […]

Boy’s of Winter Golf Trip 2006 : Group Shot

Boy’s of Winter Golf Trip 2006 : Group Shot Great day hanging with the gang at Entrada at Snow Canyon outside St. George, Utah. Entrada is a Johnny Miller design golf club managed by Troon North Golf. Entrada meanders through red rock and lava beds. Tough, but playable, Entrada serves up golf in desert style […]

Apple store experience

If you haven’t been to an Apple retail store, you’re missing out. I recently visited the store at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. Here are a few reasons it left an impact on me. The team was helpful and friendly. Great customer service and passionate people. Cool retail experience. Lots of technology to […]

Would the iPod have prevented John Lennon from creating music?

My wife is reading The Beatles : The Biography by Bob Spitz. It’s been fun to talk with her about what she’s learning. We’re big Beatles fans around the House of Baldwin. Our children would rather listen to Abby Road over anything available from “their” generation. As we talked about the music revolution that started […]

PalmSource migration to Linux

I was happy to read the PalmSource announcement that Linux will be the next platform for Palm OS-based smartphones. I think this is a good thing. It should attract a huge audience of developers who have been struggling to find sanity and direction in Palm OS land. Hopefully the manufacturers and carriers can come together […]

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