Apple store experience

If you haven’t been to an Apple retail store, you’re missing out. I recently visited the store at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. Here are a few reasons it left an impact on me.

  1. The team was helpful and friendly. Great customer service and passionate people.
  2. Cool retail experience. Lots of technology to touch and play with. Groovy lighting and fixtures. Clean layout and brightness. Warm tones from hardwood.
  3. I felt at home. As a marketing guy, most of my energy is spent in creative thinking. I loved the atmosphere in the Apple store. I had a hard time leaving. It was like being at a great restaurant and not wanting to leave because of the great smell, ambience, and service.
  4. Education value. I sat in on two educational sessions on using a Mac and various Mac software. I was blown away. It was fun. It was creative. It made me think differently about how I interact with my computer.

My wife has a Mac that we purchased for video editing. I love to sit down and enjoy the experience of using her computer. The problem is that it’s nearly impossible to get a time slice because my wife’s always there. And I don’t blame her.

I’ve come up with the solution: I’m getting my own. Apple, as soon as you have that 12″ MacBook Pro, I’m there.


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