Twitter ramblings for 2010-02-28

If I were 20 years younger, I'd go to Fanfarlo at Urban Lounge tonight. #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-02-19

…Gavel Falls… I don't believe that the Moto Droid is ready for "average" consumers. Android is a frustration for the non-techie. #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-02-18

Intel faces pressure from Qualcomm and others as smartphones outsell PCs. Nokia's market share on fast decline because of antique Symbian. # 2 giants in fear. RT @robertmerrill: Intel and Nokia Merge Mobile Linux Initiatives to Introduce MeeGo | #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-02-16

RT @josephscott: Utah Legislature uses WordPerfect files for bills. Seriously? # A woman talking on her cell phone parks her car so she can get out, but the person next to her is toast. #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-02-15

I'm not too fond of the Throwback Mountain Dew. Very flat. #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-02-13

Seems to be a vacuum of noise from Macworld. Maybe Apple needs to be there… #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-02-09

Apple and Android taking share from RIM, BlackBerry, Palm. Android's Q3 growth (starting from smaller #) 2x Apple's # Pete Warden social map visualization shows I'm in Mormonia. Interesting. Hard to believe Mormonia is that "big." #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-02-08

17 # Daltry: Born 1 March, 1944. # Up to 15 CBS commercials. # FYI: Townshend, Born 19 May, 1945 # 12, 13, 14 CBS commercials. # 11 CBS "house" commercials since The Who. # My blonde daughter: how many quarters are there in football? # 10…but it was for The Masters so I'm almost […]

Twitter ramblings for 2010-02-05

Stay at the W hotel ext time Silicon Valley # Today's flight to Oakland included Golden Gate Bridge near flyby. #

Stay at the W hotel ext time Silicon Valley

Love the hip style and modern European flare of the W hotel. See and download the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Brad Baldwin’s Posterous

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