Article on Robert Scoble in new Blogger and Podcaster Magazine

Robert Scoble is a cool guy. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him personally through my working with Back in March, Rocky Mountain Voices sponsored Robert as a guest for a meet-up event. Robert’s topic was Living in a Google World.

I thought this article was cool as it chronicles Robert’s work experience and connections with the right people that lead him to the blogger A-List. In the article, Robert is the first to recognize that to join the A-List, all you have to do is write good content and get readers.

Robert works hard. not many — if any at al l– can compete with the content Robert’s collecting and producing right now. Just see the number of video’s he’s delivering as part of the Scoble Show. I know how hard this is with my work at Rocky Mountain Voices. He deserves the credit. He’s also married to a very nice

Enjoy the article at: or

Made the v100 List for 2007

vSpring Capital announced the 2007 class of the vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs,also known as the v|100…. I made this list this year. What to see who else made this list? See the press release at

Brad at TaylorMade

I interviewed Sean Toulon, EVP of Product and Brand Creation, and Benoit Vincent, Chief Technical Officer for a story I’m doing over at Rocky Mountain Voices…. He is one of the key guys (if not the key guy) responsible for creating the single driver head and customizing for each player with the Moveable Weight Technology (MWT)…. His background in aerospace design is coming to use with the new materials and manufacturing processes to create golf clubs and balls on computers first and then prototype second.

Palm announcement that they’re cooking their own Linux OS

Now get it on a phone that isn’t the size of brick and release by May 30th, two weeks before the Apple iPhone…. My wife is anxious and has already put her money aside for the Apple iPhone as she’s had it trying to get her phone to work with iCal and Contacts and such. The “reality” of her high-quality iPod sync today leads her to believe the iPhone will be better than other solutions.Is it too late?

My “town” to finally get a store

The old-timers are so daft and unbelievably conservative they don’t want any stores. No they would rather pay taxes to high heaven and drive 7 miles to get gas or a loaf of bread…. Sure there are lots of issues with Wal-Mart’s recent retail practice and the death of small town, local business owners.

Death in the family–MacBook Pro Gen1

I’ll keep this short to remove the emotion and simply state the facts. I have a cough.Went to bed with a glass of water by my bedside.Struggled to find alarm the next morning, knocking my water glass over.Had my MacBook Pro Gen1 Core Duo machine with the back / rear on edge.Water spilled straight into the industrial design for the cooling.DEAD…… Trying to decide how to sell the parts to maximize the value of the old machine.