Article on Robert Scoble in new Blogger and Podcaster Magazine

Scoble on Blogger and PodcasterRobert Scoble is a cool guy — and his wife Maryam is as nice as they come. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Robert personally through my working with Last week it was interesting to see the crowd that hung out at Web 2.0 conference to meet him after his session on social media. Back in March, Rocky Mountain Voices sponsored Robert as a guest for a meet-up event. Robert’s topic was Living in a Google World (see the video of the event here).

Robert just made the cover story for the new Blogger and Podcaster magazine. I thought this article was cool as it chronicles Robert’s work experience and connections with the right people that lead him to the blogger A-List. In the article, Robert is the first to recognize that to join the A-List, all you have to do is write good content and get readers.

Robert works hard. not many — if any at al l– can compete with the content Robert’s collecting and producing right now. Just see the number of video’s he’s delivering as part of the Scoble Show. I know how hard this is with my work at Rocky Mountain Voices. He deserves the credit.

Enjoy the article at:


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