Installed the New Microsoft Office 2008

Playing tonight with the new Microsoft Office for Mac. Office is pretty critical for me to interact with clients I consult with. I may be able to adapt to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote; however, my clients feel better when I don’t have to make excuses for using a Mac. Microsoft Office has been the LAST […]

Four (4) Million iPhones Already

I’m still amazed at all the iPhones that have been sold. At the BlogHaus, the iPhone was the rule — and my BlackBerry was the exception. Someday I’m sure I’ll pack one. But not without copy and paste, 3G, and Bluetooth sync. Ars Technica offers some great insight, including this market share quote from Gartner […]

Guest on Technometria

I joined Phil Windley and Scott Lemon on the Technometria podcast. You can listen to or download the podcast here. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has always been the place where companies announced and demonstrated the newest gadgets and electronic devices. Phil and Scott are joined by three attendees, Brad Baldwin, Scott Barlow, and Randall […]

Worldwide Natural Disasters UP FOUR (4) FOLD

Any Book of Revelation signs of the times watchers reading my blog? Take this report to church with you next Sunday. The total number of natural disasters worldwide now averages 400-€“500 a year, up from an average of 125 in the early 1980s.17 The number of climate-related disasters, particularly floods and storms, is rising far […]

New Media in Public Relations: The Fundamentals and Forecast for 2008

Join us at the next PR event as we discuss the topic €œNew Media in Public Relations: The Fundamentals and Forecast for 2008.€ The event will be on Thursday, January 17 from 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. at the University of Phoenix. Brad Baldwin with Rocky Mountain Voices and Dean Taylor with COMPLETExRM will be panelists […]

BlogHaus 2.0

Second year at the BlogHaus at CES. Scobleizer just came in and is streaming on Qik from his Nokia phone. He caught me talking with Rob Bushway from, a good guy that I met a few years ago when I was working at Agilix. I’m in this upload at about 30 seconds in.