Twitter ramblings for 2009-10-30

Good to hear about @cydtetro 's new gig: RT @robertmerrill: Cyd Tetro Talks About FamilyLink – Couch Cast # This "shocking" news just in: Consumers want PCs without all the crap on them? Truly amazing find. #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-10-28

I hope Philly has had it's fill tonight. # holy Utley! #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-10-26

Does anyone feel like electronic book market might finally be ready to take off with all the new Kindle-like devices? Apple Tablet? # Brits wasting £1.38B a year because of Twitter & Facebook according to consultant. # Excited for another NYY World Series! #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-10-25

NYY look sharp tonight! #

Twitter ramblings for 2009-10-24

Rained out. Rats. # British Steel being played on the radio. Lots of memories from early 80's. "United we stand one and all." #

Is there more gold to mine in tech?

I’m not sure why I’m so mesmerized by Windows 7. Maybe it’s because I’m hopeful that Microsoft’s effort will once again drive lots of sales for the tech sector. I know that this sounds strange and perhaps unbelievable coming from a Mac fanboy. Sure the iPhone has driven lots of new revenue. But it’s not […]

Twitter ramblings for 2009-10-23

Not at the UTC hall of fame. Too spendy. Would like to be there though. #

I like this PC and Mac commercial

Windows 7 is far away better than XP. I’ve used the beta, RC, and the RTM version since January 2009. It’s starts up fast, goes to sleep fast, and appears pretty solid on the hibernate. My apps have run just fine. I’m moving my one Windows machine to the shipping version of Windows 7. Even […]

Tom and Fonzie are no more

Perhaps one of my all-time favorite Conan episodes. Please note, parental advisory for children under 12.

Twitter ramblings for 2009-10-17

I failed the patience test. I can’t watch another hole with the guys praticing 4 putting strokes before hitting. # Golf attire is returning to UGLY. # Today is a patience test. Playing golf with two 20+ handicapers, each taking 5 practice swings. #

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