I like this PC and Mac commercial

Windows 7 is far away better than XP. I’ve used the beta, RC, and the RTM version since January 2009. It’s starts up fast, goes to sleep fast, and appears pretty solid on the hibernate. My apps have run just fine. I’m moving my one Windows machine to the shipping version of Windows 7.

Even with all the Windows fanfare, I’m still happy to say that I have 4 Macs, 3 on Snow Leopard.

Finally, over the years I’ve seen the OS changes come and go. As an “old-timer” who remembers the power of cd, xcopy, and other robust OS commands, I was happy to see Windows come along. Amy was alway a Mac person–she’s always “thunk” different. I welcome Windows 7 to join the family.

I must admit that this latest commercial from Apple made me chuckle. Enjoy.


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