A Favorite Podcast: Chris R. Johnson from Univ of Utah

I couldn’t help think that if I could relive my career, I’d want to work on a team with Chris to find cool solutions to medical issues with computers. I first met Chris when he asked the question of Steve Ballmer at the Utah Information Technology Association Hall of Fame award for Kim Kajiya: How are you working with government to increase the number of students in science and engineering programs. Well, I’m putting a plug in for anyone interested in attending the University of Utah where they can use computer imaging to solve big and real-world problems in medicine and science.

Deadbeat Dads on Pizza Boxes in Cincinatti

In Cincinnati, pizza deliver boxes are arriving with pictures of deadbeat dads, not the typical free large pizza with purchase coupon.Interesting way to socialize the problem…. The other side: how would you feel if your friends saw your dad on their pizza box and razzed you on the school yard…. I think I’d support it as a way to get the fathers to beware and support their families.

Another day I wish I would have kept that WebEx stock

I was able to get some WebEx friends and family stock back at their IPO. I flipped it pretty quick and smiled all the way to the bank…. Today’s announcement from Cisco is another day I wish I still had that stock.

Listening to the game on a $2,750 radio

I’m frustrated that I couldn’t find the BYU vs. Wyoming basketball game on cable…. Listened to the only radio I have in the house: MacBook Pro, 802.11g, iTunes, KSL streaming from Las Vegas.Silly. I haven’t come very far from the old days when I just listened on a cheap AM radio tuned to 1160.

Palm hires Paul Mercer, a former Apple computer engineer

Now that they jumped on the Windows Mobile bandwagon while handing their own OS, I’m not sure they have anything more than a legacy brand name without a core nerve center to drive their business. HTC has picked up a huge hunk of what Palm could have been by putting commodity OSs on relatively “okay” devices targeted at email and communicator-centric business users…. Can they design something that has the mass appeal and sexy exterior of Apple’s iPhone — that’s sold itselft on its form, but I still think the function will have to sell itself to the masses.

Robert Scoble and Rocky Mountain Voices

Great day today at the SlopeCast with Robert Scoble. Robert gave a good preso on living in a Google world. It was cool to see how he starts his day and determines where the hot news is coming from that he should look into. Great turn out, especially considering commuting this morning was a real […]