A Favorite Podcast: Chris R. Johnson from Univ of Utah

I was able to talk with Chris R. Johnson, the director of the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah. Cool guy. I couldn’t help think that if I could relive my career, I’d want to work on a team with Chris to find cool solutions to medical issues with computers.

I first met Chris when he asked the question of Steve Ballmer at the Utah Information Technology Association Hall of Fame award for Kim Kajiya: How are you working with government to increase the number of students in science and engineering programs.

Well, I’m putting a plug in for anyone interested in attending the University of Utah where they can use computer imaging to solve big and real-world problems in medicine and science. I’d totally dig it if I were in a point where I could restart my career and do some good for the world.

Listen to the podcast on Rocky  Mountain Voices.


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