Twitter ramblings for 2011-08-27

Listening to live Scorpions release from 1985 on Spotify. Same year I played 18 holes of golf almost daily. Good memories. #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-08-24

I love my 13" Air! “@BGR: Apple fails to meet reseller demand for 13-inch MacBook Air” # waiting for your report @pramsey “@adamjclarkson: images of earthquake devastaion in washington, DC” # I truly wonder what "educational value" college sports offers. It's a money game. More expensive entertainment to "buy". #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-08-23

NPR's Marketplace story said college students 30% Mac. Windows 7 popular this year w Xbox giveaway-going-to-eBay 4 $. eBay wins this yr. # Good read. “@Golfsullivan: …. Good article by Marc Andeessen. Why Software Is Eating the World via @WSJ” # Stanley Idaho is Beautiful #

Stanley Idaho is Beautiful

Spent the weekend in Stanley Idaho in Jerry’s Cabins on the bank of the Salmon River. The scenery was amazing–breathtaking actually. Pictures don’t do the place justice. The sky was a bit hazy due to dust from road construction so my pictures in the valley were not a clear as what my eyes could see. […]

Twitter ramblings for 2011-08-13

Seed varieties sold shrinking #

Seed varieties sold shrinking

80 years ago, people could buy all kinds of seeds. Now they can only buy a few. (see image from July 2011 National Geographic). This certainly signals that the shrinking number of people who are interested in agriculture, and probably more importantly, have any experience with growing anything. Posted via email from Brad Baldwin’s Posterous

Twitter ramblings for 2011-08-08

Ratts. Red Sox take it in bottom of the 10th. NYY pitching at the end fails. #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-08-06

Google has acquired over 100 companies. Hired "researchers". Freemiumed many Internet market opps so others have no financial incentive. # Spot on @brianshall. Google "innovates at nothing yet spends *billions*… [to]destroy existing businesses. Read more: #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-08-04

Really? Google using the "mean big guys are beating up on us" card? Least we forget, they had a $9B quarter, up 32% yoy. Little violins. #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-08-03

Really? Computer on Space Shuttle just 0.005 percent as powerful as an Xbox 360. # Hmmm. @PushPopPress was acquired today by Facebook. I've been following with keen interest. Interesting. # Christmas in August #

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