Brad and Amy hit Snowbird

We ventured up Mid-Gad lift to Big Emma and let Amy find her ski legs…. Skied down Bassackwards and The Lunch Run to Big Emma a few times…. Go 600 feet through a mountain on a moving walkway (skiway) — just ski on and ride the conveyer belt to the other side.

First Round of Golf 2007

Sunbrook Golf Club…. Played The Point nine front; Blackrock back nine…. Not too shabby considering the greens were rolling like 22 on the stimp since they were frozen solid and void of green grass.

Rate your geekness by counting cords

So tonight I’m working on the road. Just finished a focus group here in St. George, Utah. I need to get a video captured and onto a DVD for a 7:30AM meeting with a client tomorrow. So I decided to power up. The result was too funny. I plugged in all my gear — or […]

Press passes have their benefits

The Park City Chamber and Visitors Bureau and Deer Valley hired Rocky Mountain Voices to create a promo video for the Freestyle FIS World Cup event…. After the athletes did their amazing rotations and flips, they’d land on an amazingly steep slope and have to stop quickly.

Fun Times at the Bloghaus

Hanging out working at the PodTech Bloghaus…. Great bandwidth.

Rocky Mountain Voices New Workhorse

Canon XH A1