Brad and Amy hit Snowbird

Getting crazy

Amy and I were able to get a neighbor to watch Abby for a few hours so we could visit Snowbird. What a day. Blue sky. Sunny. Above the valley haze.

We checked in and rented skis for Amy at the Creekside Lodge. Hardly anyone in the parking lot. We ventured up Mid-Gad lift to Big Emma and let Amy find her ski legs. After a couple of those, I convinced her she was skilled enough for the GadZoom lift. Skied down Bassackwards and The Lunch Run to Big Emma a few times. Then we cut across the mountain to the Snowbird Center for lunch. It was very relaxing just hanging out.

After lunch it was off to the Peruvian lift. Not a single time did we have to wait in a line. Chip’s Run was our way down. After a mistaken turn and a black-diamond, very bumpy, narrow-canyon decent, Amy was feeling pretty tired and wanted to rest. I sent her back to the Snowbird Center, and I headed up to the new tunnel. That was cool. You take the Peruvian lift to the tunnel. Go 600 feet through a mountain on a moving skiway — just ski on and ride the conveyor belt to the other side. You pop out in Mineral Basin. Cool times.

Enjoy some of the pictures of the day on my Flickr account. Or watch the video posted to YouTube.

Chips Run Amy going fast Ski love
Pretty Girl On the lift up Cliff warning


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