Twitter ramblings for 2011-03-29

Great article on Lyle Anderson in this week's GolfWeek. Article points out only 4,000 undeveloped acres left in Scottsdale. # Rocket by Smashing Pumpkins. It just can't get much better than that. #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-03-17

3rd day of working on a MAC at "work". I feel at HOME!!!!! # Note to self. Fish elsewhere. “@UtahGov: RT @sltrib Fishing Spot of the Week: Millsite Reservoir” #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-03-14

Playing with Interactive Migration Map. Cool. #

Face Post

Twitter ramblings for 2011-03-12

I'm worried about getting a white iPad 2 w/ 3G at 5:00 and wife is worried about tsunami victims. Sad commentary. #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-03-06

And a real human meeting w/ @kittygutz, and I'm off to install CS5! Thanks again! #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-03-05

This is really cool. A day made of glass by Corning. # Yes…despite joining Twitter 14 May 2007, I still fail! Sorry people! # Okay. What about this evening? What time do you leave for home/arrive in Draper/Sandy? #

Team Coco Roasts Apple Over iPad 2

Great play on Apple arrogance? You be the judge.  Team Coco nailed it this time.  Posted via email from Brad Baldwin’s Posterous

Twitter ramblings for 2011-03-01

Great dinner at Zibibbo in Palo Alto. #