New Radiohead release, In Rainbows, is coming Oct 10th

Found out Radiohead is releasing a new record / disc / whatever while browsing Twitter pages with people who have Utah connections…. Release for online distribution October 10th, 2007. Purchase on the Radiohead website.

WSJ Blog Post w/ Healthcare Comments

Ford estimates its change for salaried retirees will save the auto maker about $80 million annually, and even more in future accounting liabilities on its balance sheet. In 2006, Ford spent $1.8 billion on retiree health care for hourly and salaried workers, more than half its total $3.1 billion health-care tab. Ford has estimated its U.S. health-care costs will increase 6% this year and could level off to 5% growth by 2011 with some of the changes it is making now.

Is Google the Best Search Engine?

Sure not all the same amount of pages were indexed, but I could get answers quickly and accurately, usually within the first 10 hits…. Instead, I learned of a drug rehab center in Cedar Hills, links to massage therapists and florists in Cedar Hills, and how to search for a home…. I see that (the fourth place engine with 3.49 percent) paid to place a link on the page that offers “mileage” specific search results.

Complainers: You Get $100. Me, Notta.

All these complainers who are whining over feeling like they got ripped off by buying an iPhone…. You’re only creating more news and buzz and PR for Apple.As for me, a quick four (4) days of trial. Returned and payed a “restocking” fee of ten (10) percent of the phone.

BYU Ranked #1 Regional MBA Program

The WSJ released their MBA ranking today (probably need subscription to see). Congrats to my many friends with an MBA from BYU. Congrats to my friends who teach at BYU’s Marriott School.

Zimbra Goes to Yahoo

I will be interested to see the integration and evolution of Zimbra once inside Yahoo…. As a BlackBerry user, I’ve been a bit disappointed by the solution through a third party outside Zimbra — also learned that the Pearl isn’t supported. We BlackBerry users need a good alternative to the BB Enterprise / Exchange Server stronghold

American Health Choices Plan Revealed

I have not had a enough time to do a full review of the plan released by the Clinton Campaign today. However, the plan is available as a PDF document from the Hillary Clinton web site…. Like this: “End to Unfair Health Insurance Discrimination: By creating a level-playing field of insurance rules across states and markets, the plan ensures that no American is denied coverage, refused renewal, unfairly priced out of the market, or forced to pay excessive insurance company premiums.”I’ll be reading, reviewing, responding.

AC/DC Moment Today

Thank heavens for camera phones. American Fork, Utah. 500 East.

WSJ Highlights HillaryCare and Other Plans

Laura Meckler at the Wall Street Journal offers a front page story that covers the 2008 presidential candidates and their focus for healthcare reform…. However, you must admit Clinton has real experience with the politics required to change healthcare at a national level. BTW, I find the political tone and negative use of the term “HillaryCare” by Republicans a bit offensive.

My Vote Goes to the Healthcare Reformer

In the future, my political votes will be prioritized and centered around one thing: Healthcare Reform…. I’m frustrated with the way candidates take money from big business in healthcare and then allow them to behave the way they do in the “free market.”… While I’ve always been pro “leave business alone,” this is one industry that needs the full power and weight of the Federal government to scrutinize and reform bandits who care little about their customers who are the source of insane revenues and profits.Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Giuliani, Thompson, Romney.

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