Video on Computer or TV: It’s all in the Length

Good market data in AdAge showing where consumers prefer to watch video content — on their TV or computer. Not surprisingly, people prefer shorter videos on their computer and longer videos on their TVs. Frank Magid Associates’ research shows 18-24 year olds are twice as likely to watch a 60 minute video on their computer compared to older age groups.

Is Microsoft Begging Students to Buy/Use Office

I was glad to have it compared to the typewriter, a bottle of whiteout, and lots of wasted paper…. That throws out the standard pricing models the rest of the software industry use to calculate value. And what’s included in this “Ultimate Package:” * Word * Excel * PowerPoint * Oulook (with Business Contact Manager) * Accounting Express * Publisher * Access * Infopath * Groove * OneNote Is this another sign that the monopolistic power in Redmond is nervous about Google’s and others web-based apps that allow today’s students to collaborate and work on any computer at any location on or off campus — or even on mobile devices like the iPhone?

My Son’s on the AF High Golf Team

Dallen qualified for the American Fork High School Golf Team as a Freshman…. Excited for all the experience he’ll get in tournament settings. Glad he will find others to play with that he can learn from and compete against.

Caribbean Water is Beautiful

Amy and I had a great trip to the Caribbean on the Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas ship. Departure Port: San Juan, Puerto Rico Ports of Call: San Juan, Puerto RicoOranjestad, ArubaWillemstad, CuracaoPhilipsburg, St. MaartenCharlotte Amalie, St.

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