Fishing with Bridget on Thanksgiving Day

A friend of mine has a tradition of fishing on Thanksgiving. Sounded good to me. Fish in the morning and eat in the afternoon. This year I tried to recruit the boys to go with me. They’d been in the “winter” and quickly passed. My oldest girl, however, was all go. We fished just below […]

Contacts: A Timeline of Networking

Published in the Wall Street Journal. Contacts: A Timeline of Networking 1878New Haven District Telephone Co. publishes the first telephone directory. The one-page directory lists the names of the 50 businesses and residences that are accessible by telephone. 1906The first Yellow Pages is published, in Detroit, according to AT&T archives. 1921An Englishman begins to manufacture […]

Don’t GIVE UP on Vista

Vista is the first operating system from Microsoft since Windows 98 that I did not use "before" it was officially released. To be honest, I’m feeling a little lost and not sure what I’m missing. I just might have to install it somewhere to play and experience it for myself. In the mean time, the […]

Bono, a Marketing Genius

First Steve Jobs and a U2 branded iPod loaded with the U2 collection. Now iLike and This time burning hot iLike (Bono is an investor through Elevation Partners) gets to present U2’s product to hundreds of thousands of listeners / watchers before it’s available. U2’s new Wave of Sorrow isn’t on the radio. It’s […]

My Proof of Global Warming

Sure all "old" people have a story about how deep the snow was when they were a kid. But do they have proof? Here’s my proof. This is me when I was 6 or 7 years old. This photo was taken in 1972 seven miles West of Rexburg, Idaho where I grew up. That’s me […]

Google after iPhone w/ $10M Set Aside for Developers?

Can Google get developers to focus on Android apps over iPhone apps? Good question. Google is setting aside $10M in prize money for the developers who create the best application. 50 developers (companies) will get $25,000. Some get more. What does Google want to see? They tell us: Social networking [no surprises that this is […]

24: The 1994 Pilot

From via friend Chris Knudsen. For the 24 fan out there that has been in tech for 15+ years, like me, I think you’ll like this one.

Elementary, My Dear Watson!

Not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but my blog readability is rated and "elementary school" level. What’s yours?

Ecto 3.0 Beta vs. 2.x

I must say that while ecto 3.0 is a rewrite to be better than the old version, I’m about 98.9 percent unimpressed with the result. It’s beta so I should cut some slack. However, I was forced to move to the beta after upgrading to Leopard, lost all my settings, customizations, etc. Ecto 3.0 has […]

David Progue Slams Windows Mobile 6

After reading the article in The New York Times, “Reaching for Apple, Falling Short,” David Pogue highlights a few frustrations with the wireless and mobile device market. First, carriers have us over the barrel on what functionality the device will support (e.g., I’d try a BlackBerry Curve but ATT has removed WiFi support). Additionally, carriers […]

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