Don’t GIVE UP on Vista

Vista is the first operating system from Microsoft since Windows 98 that I did not use "before" it was officially released. To be honest, I’m feeling a little lost and not sure what I’m missing. I just might have to install it somewhere to play and experience it for myself.

In the mean time, the alternatives are throwing blows at Redmond’s new hope. This ad from Apple has appeared online at select tech publications. It’s a hard-core comic attack by Apple. As with all political wars, I wonder if badmouthing the competitor will come back to haunt Apple.


One Response to “Don’t GIVE UP on Vista”

  1. Stephen on November 24th, 2007 11:56 pm

    I have installed and reverted back to XP 4 times now. I am trying my best to be open minded about vista, but 3 minute boot ups and shutdowns, are killing me, not to mention it using 1G of RAM just running the OS. HD is always crunching and I have a Centrino Duo Core machine, 160GB Sata Drive, and 2 GB RAM you would think it could handle it. XP just blows it away for speed, performance, app compatibility, etc… My opinion it’s the flop of all flops. Wish MS would live up to it’s promises one of these Days.