Rick Alden of @skullcandy is Entrepreneur of the Year.

Congrats to Rick Alden, CEO at Skullcandy, for winning the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. I must admit I love the Skullcandy story, but I think the story you shared about inventing the strapless snowboard binding is better! Pumping your college money into the promos that ended up causing the worn fingers that […]

American Express is Placing Ads on my Billing Page

I was not expecting to see this. An interruption marketing piece. An advertisement on a private web page behind a secure login where I go to review and “pay” my American Express bill (see screenshot below)?    Wow. Does anyone else find this a bit weird? Apparently the marketing executives at American Express have missed […]

2008 Presidential Election Marketing Spend: Nearly $1 Billion Dollars

Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama on his amazing marketing and awareness campaign. As a traditional / social / new media follower, I was amazed at the awareness that was created and number of touch points that hit me personally. Now that the election is complete, I couldn’t help but think about the number of […]

Bono, Supposedly, Leaks New Tracks — Ya, Right

So The Sun and torrentfreak.com are reporting that a few new tracks from U2’s forthcoming and likely titled ” No Line On The Horizon” release have been “leaked” to the Internet. Supposedly, an “innocent passer by” recognized Bono’s voice and then recorded (not sure with what), uploaded, and published the tracks to the Internet. I […]

Foremski Suggests that CMOs Need Social Footprints

Tom Foremski is a smart guy with keen insight into the happenings of Silicon Valley. I interacted with him on a few occasions through PodTech.net and at the Bloghaus at CES. Foremski’s post today is targeted at marketing professionals. The Question: “Think about two equally educated candidates with similar experience but one candidate doesn’t have […]

Social Experiment in Branding

Brand is more than a logo. And the new web application BrandTags.net shows this. Brand is what’s in someone’s head based on their interaction with the company / product. It can be generic, specific, good, or bad. Marketers influence this through advertising, packaging, voice greetings, logo, color, athletes, price, and more. What people ultimately associate, […]

Multiple Marketing Messages. One Brand Promise.

Having produced many podcasts myself, I must confess I’m a big fan of Brian Martin‘s Brand Fast-Trackers series. The quality of conversation and the recording make it stand out above the average. I look forward to the guests, the insight, and the learning I get from listening. John Adams, the CEO of The Martin Agency, […]

Guest on CouchCast

I joined Robert Merrill, Thom Allen, and Michael Reinbold to talk about the forming of Rocky Mountain Voices, social media, and the future of marketing via social mediums. I even go out on a limb and talk about how marketing agencies will rise to the occasion and excel at social media. Thanks for including me […]

73% Watch Video Online

Nielson Online research showed “73% of active Web users watched online video in December.” Other findings: Women twice as likely to watch network television programming online (example: watch ABC over YouTube) Men 18-34 are twice as likely to watch user-generated content Watchers of one network online tend to be loyal to that network (hum, I […]

Guest on Technometria

I joined Phil Windley and Scott Lemon on the Technometria podcast. You can listen to or download the podcast here. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has always been the place where companies announced and demonstrated the newest gadgets and electronic devices. Phil and Scott are joined by three attendees, Brad Baldwin, Scott Barlow, and Randall […]

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