Social Experiment in Branding


Brand is more than a logo. And the new web application shows this. Brand is what’s in someone’s head based on their interaction with the company / product. It can be generic, specific, good, or bad. Marketers influence this through advertising, packaging, voice greetings, logo, color, athletes, price, and more. What people ultimately associate, catalog, and share with others is ultimately the “brand.”

Today’s social tools are showing marketers what they’ve only collected on the street and through focus groups. Today information comes at you faster, is more honest, and includes huge sample sizes from a cross-section of people around the world.

For some, the result is positive (Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Harley-Davidson). For others, I’m sure that CEOs, CMOs, Brand Managers, and board members are gritting their teeth (WalMart).

Give it a try. Enter your thoughts on a brand, and feed the collective intelligence brand meter.


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