My Vote Goes to the Healthcare Reformer

In the future, my political votes will be prioritized and centered around one thing: Healthcare Reform.

We are a family who does not “use” the system. We’re healthy. We haven’t been in the hospital. No major “diseases.” We are seeking insurance as an individual policy, not a group. This week, we were denied again after waiting and resubmitting an application as recommended by the insurance company. Among other things, we were deemed “uninsurable” for things as silly my teenage son’s “diagnosis and treatment of acne with medication.”

I’m tired of the power that healthcare insurance companies have. I’m frustrated with the way candidates take money from big business in healthcare and then allow them to behave the way they do in the “free market.” Overall healthcare expenses and the insurance system is broken in the United States. While I’ve always been pro “leave business alone,” this is one industry that needs the full power and weight of the Federal government to scrutinize and reform bandits who care little about their customers who are the source of insane revenues and profits.

Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Giuliani, Thompson, Romney. Are you listening? I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican. Male or female. Black or white. Pro or anti gay, abortion, war, etc. Show me a plan for healthcare reform at the federal level.

I’m casting a vote for someone who will make this a top priority and drive for change.


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