Is Google the Best Search Engine?

Today Hitwise reported that Google sucked up 63.98 percent of the August 2007 search traffic. Wow.

I confess, I’m part of the statistic. Google is plugged into my Firefox, Safari, and Camino browsers on my laptop. Google Mobile is my default home page on my BlackBerry browser. I tend to ask a lot of Google on a daily basis.

Just tonight I thought of how I miss the Google from the year 2000. It was great. Sure not all the same amount of pages were indexed, but I could get answers quickly and accurately, usually within the first 10 hits.

Today’s Google is about gaming. Better rankings. Organic search marketing. Blah, blah, blah. My query tonight: “mileage from cedar hills utah to clearfield utah“. I was hoping to find out how far I’d driven today. Instead, I learned of a drug rehab center in Cedar Hills, links to massage therapists and florists in Cedar Hills, and how to search for a home. Not exactly what I wanted to find.

I’m ready to get off the Google highway and try something new. I see that (the fourth place engine with 3.49 percent) paid to place a link on the page that offers “mileage” specific search results. Maybe I should try for a while.

Any suggestions?



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