WSJ Blog Post w/ Healthcare Comments

The WSJ Blog The Juggle asked the question of readers, “Does Healthcare Insurance Drive Your Job Choices?” Very interesting collection of responses. Most families are facing issues with healthcare costs, insurance premiums, and the constant uncertainty and change both present.

Ford estimates its change for salaried retirees will save the auto maker about $80 million annually, and even more in future accounting liabilities on its balance sheet. In 2006, Ford spent $1.8 billion on retiree health care for hourly and salaried workers, more than half its total $3.1 billion health-care tab. Ford has estimated its U.S. health-care costs will increase 6% this year and could level off to 5% growth by 2011 with some of the changes it is making now. (WSJ:

My wife and I choose to keep my wife at home with our growing family. This choice comes with some consequences. Self employment has increased the complexity of this choice as the availability and options for individual plans is more limited.

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