Robert Scoble and Rocky Mountain Voices

Great day today at the SlopeCast with Robert Scoble. Robert gave a good preso on living in a Google world. It was cool to see how he starts his day and determines where the hot news is coming from that he should look into.

Great turn out, especially considering commuting this morning was a real pain with a big snow fall from 6 – 9 AM.

Cafe Trio food was great too.

Thanks Robert!


One Response to “Robert Scoble and Rocky Mountain Voices”

  1. cameron on March 8th, 2007 10:44 am

    Thanks for putting this together. I think everyone learned something about social media/networking and where its heading. Great job.

    You must’ve had a serious jump in traffic to the rmv blog with the scoble post — we’ve had a bunch of people visit the page and buy the invisibleSHIELD. Viva Rocky Mountain Voices!

    Now if Scoble will just talk about the shield on his blog! 🙂