Palm announcement that they’re cooking their own Linux OS

Interesting and I’ll have to put this in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” pile. But Paul Miller over at Engadget is reporting that Palm’s Ed Colligan spilled the future on an Open Source Linux OS for Palm devices. This is a NOT BE LICENSED operating system, but instead will stay in-house on Palm hardware devices.

Good. It’s about time someone got smart. Now get it on a phone that isn’t the size of brick and release by May 30th, two weeks before the Apple iPhone.

My wife and I are fully Apple converts. I need Apple integration. I was sad to leave my Treo legacy (180, 270, 600, 650) for a Nokia E62, then a BlackBerry Pearl 8100. I refuse to use Microsoft OS on a Treo (or any other phone). I must have support for Mac sync (okay, so I’m willing to leave on the bleeding edge to get my BlackBerry to sync w/ my Mac). My wife is anxious and has already put her money aside for the Apple iPhone as she’s had it trying to get her phone to work with iCal and Contacts and such. The “reality” of her high-quality iPod sync today leads her to believe the iPhone will be better than other solutions.

Is it too late? Maybe. But then again, I just don’t see the revolutionary “cool” devices coming that meet my personal gadget high-brow criteria.


One Response to “Palm announcement that they’re cooking their own Linux OS”

  1. Scott Baldwin on April 11th, 2007 6:53 am

    Please tell me this is not the LinuxDA kernel that is was attempted about 5 years ago. I tried compiling this kernel to run on my old Palm Vx, but never had much luck. That was in my more geekier days, and obviously, I wasn’t geek enough since I never got it working.